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 Working together to understand the function of life from molecule to system


In 2007. a need was felt to create a non-profit scientific forum where all South Asian physiologists whether engaged in research or teaching various branches of physiology share their experiences and try to explore collaboration in resource-constrained group of nations with so many common problems and cultural similarities. The concept proposed by Prof.Arif Siddiqui, Prof.H.R.Ahmed and Prof.Muhammad Aslam (Pakistan) was seconded by Prof.Kusal Das, Dr.Shyamal Roy Choudhury, Prof.Amar K Chandra (India), Prof.Noorzahan Begum (Bangladesh), Dr.Rita Khadka (Nepal) and Prof.Savi Wimalasekera (Sri Lanka). Preliminary brain storming session was then planned along the sidelines of the annual conference of the Physiological Society of India held in Faridabad, Haryana, India on Dec 06, 2007.
Prof.Arif Siddiqui(Pakistan) travelled to Faridabad and  steered the session which was participated by Prof.Majid  Dewan (USA),  Prof.Kusal Das ,Prof.Edathil Vijayan, Prof.K.K.Deepak,Prof.Shyamal Roy Choudhury, Prof.Debjani Guha, Prof.Amar K.Chandra and Prof.Gulshan Khanna (India) and Savithri Wimalasekera (Sri Lanka). The meeting discussed at length the scope and potentials for such a forum in South Asia and unanimously consented to move forward with the establishment of South Asian Association of Physiologists (SAAP) and Prof.Arif Siddiqui was given the mandate to approach all the Physiological Societies ofthe South Asian countries (SAARC) and was given the responsibility to draft the BY-LAWS of the proposed association. After exchanges of feedback and input, the draft document took the shape in Jan,2008.

Meanwhile It was agreed at the Adhoc steering committee that the first Biennial Conference of SAAP be held from Nov 14-16, 2008 at Shifa College of Medicine, Islamabad, Pakistan in conjunction with 11th Biennial Conference of Pakistan Physiological Society. Prof.Muhammad Aslam and Prof.Nasir Afzal were the organizers of the Ist SAAP conference. The 2nd SAAP conference was organized by The Physiological Society of India in Dec 2010 at St.John's Medical College, Bangalore and the 3rd SAAP Biennial conference was held at University of Colombo,Sri Lanka during Dec 2012. All these SAAP biennial meetings were well attended by the physiologists from SAARC countries and many from USA,UK and other Asian countries.

Congratulations to all the members of newly formed SAAP Executive Council (2014-2016) in Dhaka, Bangladesh on 7th. December 2014 !!

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PRESIDENT:                                         Dr.Rita Khadka (Nepal)


PAST PRESIDENT:                                Prof.Noorzahan Begum (Bangladesh)

VICE PRESIDENT(S):                              

                                                         Prof.Shelina Begum (Bangladesh)
                                                         Prof.Ruhul Amin (Bangladesh)

                                                         Prof.Somnath Gangopadhyay (India)

                                                         Dr.Dilip Kumar Nandi (India)

                                                         Prof.Tara M Amatya (Nepal)

                                                         Dr.Sunil Dhungel (Nepal)

                                                         Prof.Alamgir Khan(Pakistan)

                                                         Prof.Taseer Ahmed Khan i(Pakistan)

                                                         Dr Sudharshani Wasalathanthri  (Sri Lanka)

                                                         Prof K G Somasiri  (Sri Lanka)

SECRETARY GENERAL:                         Prof.Amar K.Chandra (India)

JOINT SECRETARY:                              Prof.Mangala Gunatilake (Sri Lanka)

TREASURER:                                       Dr.Himansu Waidyasekera (Sri Lanka)

ADVISORY COUNCIL:                            Prof.Muhammad Aslam (Pakistan)

                                                         Prof.Arif Siddiqui (Pakistan)

                                                         Prof.Kusal K Das (India)

                                                         Dr.Shyamal Roy Choudhury (India)

                                                         Prof.Sharaine Fernando ( Sri Lanka)

Executive Council:2008- 2010 , 2010-2012
                          2012-2014, 2014-2016

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